April Birthstone


Eye-catching Beauty

-april birth stone-

What is it about diamonds that girls love? It could be that these colorless beauties are completely eye catching from all the light, sparkle, and color that these stones radiate. it could also be that each stone is completely different from one ANOTHER and are truly one of a kind! A GIFT OF A DIAMOND IS SYMBOLIC OF EVERLASTING LOVE AND IS THE OFFICIAL STONE FOR THE 60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY (and is an acceptable gift for any special occasion)! IT SYMBOLIZES WISDOM, ENLIGHTENMENT, PURITY AND CLARITY. IT PROVIDES PROTECTION, PRESERVES PEACE AND GIVES THE WEARER POWER. THE DIAMOND ENCOURAGES SELF-CONFIDENCE AND A DESIRE FOR INDEPENDENCE WHILE COUNTERACTING JEALOUSY.

The name diamond is of Latin origin meaning “invincible.” Diamond’s are composed of very DENSELY packed carbon atoms. Diamonds and graphite are both Created from carbon, but under certain pressure and circumstances the atomic structure is organized differently. Even though they come from the same element The atomic structure itself makes a diamond the hardest substance on earth, and graphite a very soft substance! Diamonds are either colorless or can be red, yellow, brown, black, green, blue, pink or violet. Yellow is the most common fancy color and pink is the most rare. A diamond gets its blue color from the presence of boron, while yellow diamonds get their color from the presence of nitrogen.

When a diamond is not “gem quality” it is used in manufacturing and industry. The value of a diamond largely depends upon how skillfully and well it is cut. Diamond’s value is measured based on cut, color, clarity and carat weight, which is known as the “THE Four C’s”.


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