Simply Stunning


The Radio Flyer red wagon. The 1965 Mustang. Coca-cola. Frank Sinatra. Audrey Hepburn. All classics. These icons of style that have withstood the test of time make us both nostalgic and happy. They inspire us. And they have multi-generational appeal.

Over the past months, one of our major companies we work with, Stuller has spent time reflecting on all things classic, particularly the diamond solitaire ring. Long a symbol of sophistication and grace, these four and six-prong mountings have functioned as can’t-go-wrong choices for grooms-to-be.

And why is the solitaire a classic? Because it’s timeless and refined. And because there’s no better way to show off a gorgeous diamond than with a shank and mounting that lets everyone see the stone’s brilliance. Inspired, the design team broke out their sketch pads to pay homage to classic solitaire in a collection we call Solitaires with a Twist.

At a glance, each ring shines as a solitaire, but closer inspection reveals an intricate design. With these diamond solitaires, our design team set out to create styles that remained faithful to the solitaire’s proven aesthetic but incorporate fresh detailing that fashionable brides are sure to appreciate. Best of all, the special, subtle features on these rings don’t detract from the beauty of the diamond; they enhance it. Even more appealing is that these styles are designed to fit flush against almost any straight-walled band.


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