Proprosal Ideas: Hava Java


Every so often when i sell an engagement ring men (and women) always seem to need a little bit of help when it comes to asking the bride/groom-to-be to put a ring on it. Some men like creativity, classic, humorous, or even something so unique and out of the ordinary. Every couple and person is different, and in saying that i decided to create a series here on my blog.

Every Wednesday i will be posting one proposal idea for everyone to read, comment and enjoy. Hopefully in doing this mini series here, i will be able to help the people who need a little extra help with proposing….without them having to pay big bucks to sit and chat with someone about it on the phone (some charge by the hour!!!). Of course i will take suggestions and also would love comments on what you would like to see next week!!


Imagine this romantic scenario when popping the question: She’s enjoying her favorite hot drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate), when suddenly at the bottom of her personalized mug a marriage proposal reveals itself.

Whether she’s cuddled up to a roaring fire with a hot chocolate and marshmallows, heading for the local star bucks for a brew, or ordering coffee after a romantic mean under a star-lit sky, this unique proposal guarantees to be good until the last drop.

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