Wedding Wednesday!


tom wagnerEvery so often when I sell an engagement ring men (and women) always seem to need a little bit of help when it comes to asking the bride/groom-to-be to put a ring on it. Some men like creativity, classic, humorous, or even something so unique and out of the ordinary. Every couple is different, and in saying that I decided to create a series here on my blog.

Every Wednesday I will be posting one proposal idea for everyone to read, comment and enjoy. Hopefully in doing this mini series here, I will be able to help the people who need a little extra help with proposing….without them having to pay big bucks to sit and chat with someone about it on the phone (some charge by the hour!!!). Of course I will take suggestions and also would love comments on what you would like to see next week!!

Even though it is still summer time, one of my personal favorite proposal ideas consists of red, green, and on a Christmas tree. On Christmas morning have your special someone open their gifts from under the tree. When she or he thinks that they have opened all of their presents grab an ornament off the tree. This is not an average ornament… it is actually a ring box. Tell that person to open the ornament and then get down on one knee!

Christmas is such a magical time of year, so this way of proposing will guarantee the best Christmas ever!


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