Yellow Gold is Making a Comeback

2cb9d6d1-4d65-496d-b958-a44500dbb9a0af869b85-9b04-4268-a32a-a4bf00fe8f43bbdd1fe4-d35e-4127-aec8-a4c100b158d43e4941d0-d77e-4f3e-9ffd-a4270098df75-1Yellow gold started making a re-appearance in high fashion the last five years, but it’s starting to make its way into the mainstream and is really giving white gold a run for its money. We’re not seeing a return of the 1990s big, loud “bling-y” way; this style is more of a classic and romantic look from the 1930s Art Deco style – lots of linear lines and shapes that give a bigger look without taking a bite out of your wallet.


My favorite look for this summer comes from the blockbuster hit Jurassic World in which Bryce Dallas Howard portrays the confident and stylish operation manager of the dinosaur theme park. Ms. Howard – Claire Dearing in the movie – wears a white blouse and knee-length skirt throughout the film. That doesn’t seem that interesting except that the outfit was accented with a simple yellow gold bar necklace. It was very minimalist but it made the outfit. Her outfit would not have been memorable had it not been for that little bar of yellow gold that flashed with such elegant contrast that always caught your eye. The basic white blouse with yellow gold linear necklace, layered or not, is the perfect summertime look for someone on the job or on the beach. It is versatile and adaptable, just like the brazen Claire.

Of course, yellow gold isn’t just on the big screen. It was on Amy Poehler when she was in the recently in the UK. She wore a long sleeve floral mini-dress with stacked yellow gold bangles on one wrist, a yellow gold tennis bracelet on the other, and what looks like freeform earrings. The rich colors in her dress were accented so well by the simple yellow gold pieces. Ms. Poehler used yellow gold to accent her floral outfit but many popular designs for yellow gold product have been floral or have elements that remind the wearer of nature. Check out these other great options for fabulous summer look. Don’t forget that you can easily switch out that white blouse to those reach earth tones as we transition from summer into the fall.

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