Rules of the Woods

Enlighten • Enchant • Empower

“Connect with the energy and nature and welcome its power with our newest colection”



Manifestation • Light • Wise

hazelThis tree holds the energy of the queen. Hazel blesses us with illumination and the power to act with divine timing. In legend, nine hazel trees hung over the well of wisdom and dropped an acorn, which enlightened the salmon that ate it. It is the ogham of manifestation.

Willow Charm Bangle

Romantic • Intuition • Flexible

willowRuled by the moon, the intuitive Willow was said to console those who sat beneath her gentle, loving branches. Those in the presence of the Willow felt compassion wash over them like a soothing tide. It is the ogham of compassion.

Vine Charm Bangle

Joy • Growth • Inspiration


This vine holds the energy of determination. Vine reminds us of our innate potential to grow and to conquer any obstacles in our lives. With its triangular leaves, it blesses us three times: with creativity, delight, and the power to bloom. It is the ogham of growth.

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