Reignite Your Outdated Jewelry

By: Karly Bulinski GIA GG
When thinking about custom designing a piece of jewelry, a lot of people tend to shy away from the process because of the fear of it costing an “arm and a leg.” But realistically custom design can be more cost-effective than buying a new piece of jewelry.  Here is an example of when you should consider a new design rather than a whole new piece of jewelry for your collection.
Since I am an appraiser, I tend to see a lot of sentimental but quite outdated pieces of jewelry coming in for appraisals. I try to always ask my customers about the back-story of the piece and whether or not they wear it. The response is usually along these same lines, “Well it was my (insert relative’s name here) and was handed down to me after she passed away. I don’t ever wear the piece because frankly it’s not my style, but I would never dare to get rid of it because it has too much emotional value.”  I always answer with this question, “What is the point of owning jewelry and insuring it if you are not going to wear it and just let it sit sadly locked away in a safety deposit box somewhere?”
This is where a custom redesign would fit in perfectly! For all of those pieces of jewelry that just need a little bit of updating and tweaking to fit your personal style. The stones will still be family heirlooms, because after all a diamond truly is forever, but the design will be created to fit your jewelry personality. Then, instead of locking up that family relic for none to see you can wear it proudly and always have a piece of family history close to you.
In addition to our very talented custom design staff, we have a new jewelry design program that will help you visualize and create your one of kind jewelry masterpiece. We have also created a very contemporary yet intimate custom design area within our store to make you feel right at home during the entire design process. And of course, our design consultations are always complimentary.
It’s time to re-ignite your out dated jewelry and transform it into something breathtakingly beautiful and most importantly one of your favorite pieces to wear!

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