Alexandrite Facts!



missing imageBy gemstone standards, alexandrite is a newcomer. What does it matter that it was formed 2 billion years ago? It didn’t exist for us until 1833, when emerald miners in Russia’s Ural Mountains found what looked like an emerald — but not quite. Count Lev Alekseevich Perovski, who managed the Imperial family’s estates (i.e. the mines), was a gemstone connoisseur and sent the “emerald” specimen to the famous Finnish mineralogist, Nils Gustav Nordenskjold (1792-1866).

The Double Take

Nordenskjold quickly realized the Perovski’s specimen was too hard to be emerald. That evening, he looked at it again and was astonished to see it was red like a ruby. After further studying its properties, he named it “diaphanite” which means “two unseen and shown” in reference to the color change. Continue reading


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DIY- Clean your jewelry at home!


jewelry cleanertoothbrush1: JEWELRY CLEANER- You can find this at any local jewelry store! We have it priced at $3.00 per bottle (it will last FOREVER). Ours comes with its own mini brush, but i always suggest a regular tooth brush since it works a little bit better!

2: TOOTHBRUSH- It will scrub away all the lotion, dirt and everything else that sits in your jewelry!

Let your piece soak in the solution as desired.  Ten minutes should do the trick! After it soaks take it out and brush it very gently with the toothbrush. Brush the stones and even the metal for the most shine and sparkle!

After it has been brushed, place it back into the solution to make sure that all of the leftover dirt has been removed! Let it soak for another five minutes to ensure that everything is out of the ring! Remove the ring and wipe it off with a soft cloth! Your ring should be extra sparkly.


do not use toothpaste!

do not replace this method with getting your jewelry checked and cleaned professionally.

do not soak sterling silver- it will tarnish.


use this as a secondary cleaning method, with also getting your jewelry checked and cleaned at least twice a year by professionals.

use on gold, platinum and lightly brush silver.