Custom Design Event

The Custom Design Competition has begun! Win up to $2,500!

We are looking for 5 candidates to create a new piece of jewelry OR recreate an existing one.

Complimentary design appointments are available now through September 30th. 

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2015 Summer Collection


 “YOUR JEWELRY ISN’T JUST JEWELRY, It’s the story of you. Every day, a new chapter. An exploration of character and mood.”

Bright, Colorful and eye catching! The new 2015 summer collection for Pandora is a huge hit! whether you just collect beads for your bracelet or you wear the whole line! The new collection is perfect for anytime and any season, the colors match whatever you choose to WEAR and are the perfect ACCESSORY. our customers are always intrigued with what new styles Pandora decides to come up with.

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Coffee Talk 7/13


Good Morning!

Once again it is the dreaded Monday morning, but it is time for our wonderful coffee talk!!! Today I wanted to talk about what to do with stones that are sitting in your drawer. Many people come into my work with stones from their family members, or even pieces they have purchased but no longer like the style. There are millions of options of what you can do with these stones, that can be very budget friendly.  Re-mounting stones into pendants, earrings, and rings are usually the way to go. Now, each stone is going to perform better in different mountings so make sure to talk to your jeweler to see which would be best for your specific stones.

Hearts On Fire:Beloved collection


Beloved Earrings

A stunning ensemble of perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds creates an exceptional diamond stud earring that is beyond brilliant and truly “beloved”. – HOF

The beloved earrings have something truly special about them. They showcase their eye-catching beauty, in a simple floral arrangement with minimal metal showing.  These earrings are an absolute must have and will be sure to sparkle up your life.

Monday Morning Coffee Talk




Time and time again i have women and men of all ages coming into my store and telling me horror stories of what has happened in the past that has lead them to believe that all jewelry stores in general are not to be trusted. To an extent, jewelers get almost the same view that car sales men receive for simply, doing their jobs.  I know i have mentioned this topic many times before, but i just want all of my viewers to have it engraved in thier brains to be aware or scammers and how to become an informed buyer. Steffans-Tower-Night_sm1

Dealing with a family business or a business that has been around for years in your area will usually be very trustworthy when it comes to leaving your things for repair. Many even have an in-house jeweler so their turn around time is faster then most “big box” stores that have to send things out that need repair.  It can take up to months if they do send out repairs.  Having a jeweler that lives where they work is key.  Knowing that they are active community memebers and trustworthy to the community, is something that you will not get at your local Kays. I also recently read an article that stated one person spends $100.00 more a year at local or family businesses it would create 1,000 jobs in their community!! YES $1,000. Worth it!

Why its important to get your diamonds cleaned

jewelry is of course stunning when its cleaned, but why else should you make it a priority?


Checking and cleaning your diamonds with your jeweler is the most important upkeep. Loosing stones in any kind of setting is very possible and SURPRISINGLY common. making sure all of your prongs and diamonds are in immaculate condition should be done every 6 months (should always be free and while you wait)!