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tom wagner

The Dazzling duo wants to hear our readers love stories!

Tell us your stories and send us photos of your rings!

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  1. thedazzlingduo says:

    From one of our awesome costumers named Heather!

    This is how I came to be a student in high school years later, where my future husband would be teaching.
    My parents were farmers in southwestern WI. Dad and some of the older brothers had brought much loads of hay into the hay barn. My Mom delivered a baby boy in their bed and was required to rest 3 weeks there. They would hire a young single lady to come help during that time. We daughters stayed inside and learned how to take care of the house and family including making daily bread!
    My little brothers David 7,and Carl did not have chores that day to do, in Aug.1947. David got a kerosene lantern lit and carried it to the hay barn, with Carl following. They went up into the hay mow. The hay barn was very full from the recent harvest.
    Unfortunately the lantern tipped over and the hay quickly burned, and David’s clothes also started burning. The boys started to run up the hill to their home. David’s clothes kept burning.I guess someone saw him and had him roll in the grass and they put out the fire on him. My Dad took him to a Dr in Dubuque, IA to get treatment. They did all that was necessary to help him recover. He wore a cast on one leg, that went from the toes to the hip. It was very hot and uncomfortable in Aug. He wanted to get inside the cast and it itched like crazy. Dad did all the driving for a number of years to get David’s treatment.
    David was on crutches and got a ride to school with Dad. He was back in school full time around Jan. 1950. David was in a school room that held grades 3 and 4. That building was on a road from the other building that housed grades l-2,5-6, 7-8 and 4 grades high school.
    Feb. l0, l950 was a very blistery stormy snowy day.A person could not see in front of his face. The teacher for 3rd &4th grades told the students: “It is very bad weather. There will be no outside recess today. Go out the back door to the outhouse and come right back in, to play inside.” David now age 10, had brought his sled along and he was determined that he was going to go sledding despite what the teacher said.He went around the school &he got on the sled and started sledding down the road. An older man Mr.T, was driving his car and could not see anything in front of his face. He felt an awful bump and did not know he had run over David.
    They took David into the home across from school and the doctor came. Unfortunately he died there. Arrangements were made to have the wake in my parent’s bedroom. The funeral was at church. It was a very sad time.
    When it came time for Dad in the field across from the highway of our farm, to get his lunch brought to him, it was brother Carl’s turn to carry the metal bucket ad thermos. Dad sat high up on the hill on the tractor overlooking the highway and the lane where Carl was trudging along with lunch. Dad saw a horrifying sight.
    A big semi was barreling down the highway, towards Carl. Dad was very afraid Carl would be killed, too. Dad came home that day and told Mom,:” We are going to move away from this highway. I don;t want another son to die on this highway.” So he looked for another farm that was not by that highway. He found a place in Platteville, WI.and they moved the next March. That is the usual time when farmers move,before they will plant the next crops.
    There was a silver lining to this tragedy; we relocated to a town where I met my future husband
    I was a senior in high school, with a student teacher Mr. Snyder for chemistry class. I sat in front row so admired him. He was a good teacher and had sense of humor, writing humorous things on our test papers, etc. He was a handsome man,good humored and very understanding, easy to teach.
    I graduated in June l954. Two weeks later an envelope came addressed to me, and return address was Mr. Snyder, Galena, Il. I said to my mother,” I got a letter from Mr.Snyder!”
    He wrote many pages, in green ink, telling of his life and how he waited for me to graduate so he could properly ask me out. (Teachers and students were not permitted to date.) Mom was reluctant to say ok. I was l yr younger than the other seniors, as I was put ahead one yr in grade school. He had just graduated from college and was 5 and half yrs older than me. Finally Mom relented. He came from Galena,
    to take me to a movie. He had no car so he asked his brother who was a farmer, to borrow a car. He did not tell his brother it was for a date. His brother gave him the old car that hauled animals around. Mr. Snyder had a lot of cleaning to do in that car before he could pick me up in it!
    As we dated, my mother would call out as we went out the door: “Robbing the cradle!”. My parents grew to like him very much. He wrote me weekly letters, telling how he noticed what kind of lady I was,
    and how he admired me, and what he wanted in a woman that he would marry. We dated l and half yrs.
    Christmas time came around. He wondered what type of ring I wanted. I had never given it a thought.
    I had no idea of what rings were available and the costs. My sister had just gotten engaged. Her ring was a solitaire. I said, well maybe a solitaire. He was disappointed. He wanted to have me look over other styles. He told the jeweler, “On one tray put the choices of engagement rings and wedding rings in the price range that I can pay.” We walked into the jewelry store in Galena and I looked at the choices of rings. They were all so beautiful. I chose l set and he beamed,saying: I had hoped you liked that one! Then came Christmas Eve at my parents’ home. He took me out of the group of people in living room, popped the question and put on the ring and we went back out to tell them we were engaged!
    Thru the years I have taken my rings to Steffens jewelers to be cleaned.
    Since that time, I have met 2 other couples our age, who got married that year who also have those wedding rings!!
    With my fiance being a beginner teacher and working part time job that summer, it meant we would have to be very careful for wedding expenses. I was working as a bookkeeper in a bank, earning $one hour. I had very few expenses. I was able to save. My fiance’s signature was put on my account so he could buy the furniture and have it delivered to our first apartment.
    The lady bookkeepers with me would love to tease me. When they saw that a check of ours had come in, signed by him, they’d tease & say:: “Oh Harriet, he cashed a big check at a bar in Galena!” He was able to find+ used furniture for all the rooms except our bedroom. He bought new furniture for our bedroom and it was a very good deal.
    We were married June 23, l956. I am so glad we met and married. We have l0 children with many of them living in other states.


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