DIY- Clean your jewelry at home!


jewelry cleanertoothbrush1: JEWELRY CLEANER- You can find this at any local jewelry store! We have it priced at $3.00 per bottle (it will last FOREVER). Ours comes with its own mini brush, but i always suggest a regular tooth brush since it works a little bit better!

2: TOOTHBRUSH- It will scrub away all the lotion, dirt and everything else that sits in your jewelry!

Let your piece soak in the solution as desired.  Ten minutes should do the trick! After it soaks take it out and brush it very gently with the toothbrush. Brush the stones and even the metal for the most shine and sparkle!

After it has been brushed, place it back into the solution to make sure that all of the leftover dirt has been removed! Let it soak for another five minutes to ensure that everything is out of the ring! Remove the ring and wipe it off with a soft cloth! Your ring should be extra sparkly.


do not use toothpaste!

do not replace this method with getting your jewelry checked and cleaned professionally.

do not soak sterling silver- it will tarnish.


use this as a secondary cleaning method, with also getting your jewelry checked and cleaned at least twice a year by professionals.

use on gold, platinum and lightly brush silver.

Why its important to get your diamonds cleaned

jewelry is of course stunning when its cleaned, but why else should you make it a priority?


Checking and cleaning your diamonds with your jeweler is the most important upkeep. Loosing stones in any kind of setting is very possible and SURPRISINGLY common. making sure all of your prongs and diamonds are in immaculate condition should be done every 6 months (should always be free and while you wait)!

DIY: Caring for your diamonds

tom wagnerDIamond care 101

Whether its diamond studs, engagement ring, wedding bands or even a bracelet. Caring for your jewelry will help it last for a lifetime. I will tell you some amazing tips and tricks to help your diamonds shine bright.


  • Make sure you know what you are buying, and who you are buying it from. Every jeweler should have a diamond tester, ask them to please use it! Going to a family owned will usually have quality over quantity. The big box stores aren’t your only place to go!
  • Spending over $1,000? Get an appraisal! If it gets lost or stolen, having the piece covered under your insurance is key to replacing it. Depending on your homeowners insurance ever $1,000 will usually cost you about $15 yearly (worth it)!


  • One word…upkeep. Jewelry in a sense is similar to vehicles. Just like tires on a street, the gold on your ring (or any other piece) will eventually wear away from the friction.  Having your piece checked and cleaned every 6 months by your jeweler is a personal guarantee that everything is in working order!
  • With getting your piece cleaned, of course it will be shiny and sparkly but, that is only half of the battle. Now worrying about every day wear-and-tear how do you keep it this sparkly?! Your nearest jeweler should sell cleaning solution (we sell it for 3 dollars a jar). If it does not come with a brush, getting a small tooth brush should do the trick.  Very gently brush the stones from underneath (that is where all the lotion, soap and what ever else gets stuck).  Going back to getting it checked and cleaning, as long as you have it inspected you should have no problems with any stones falling out.
  • EXTRA TIP: Going out on the town, on a date, or special event? Spray some Windex on it to shine it up! (I promise it works wonderfully if you don’t have proper jeweler solution). Windex can also help you get a ring off if it is stuck!