Charmed Horizontal Diamond Cross Necklace

Charmed-Horizontal-Diamond-Cross-Necklace-1  A chic necklace with fashionable flair – the “Charmed Horizontal Diamond Cross Pendant” by hearts on fire, takes a new popular design,comibining it with thier perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds for dazzling sparkle! Part of the new Charmed Collection,                          this elegant look is sure to please.

Hearts On Fire:Beloved collection


Beloved Earrings

A stunning ensemble of perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds creates an exceptional diamond stud earring that is beyond brilliant and truly “beloved”. – HOF

The beloved earrings have something truly special about them. They showcase their eye-catching beauty, in a simple floral arrangement with minimal metal showing.  These earrings are an absolute must have and will be sure to sparkle up your life.