Hearts On Fire:Beloved collection


Beloved Earrings

A stunning ensemble of perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds creates an exceptional diamond stud earring that is beyond brilliant and truly “beloved”. – HOF

The beloved earrings have something truly special about them. They showcase their eye-catching beauty, in a simple floral arrangement with minimal metal showing.  These earrings are an absolute must have and will be sure to sparkle up your life.


Outfit of the day

Staring Ilaria Lanzoni


Here is Ilaria, the Hearts On Fire head designer.  This look is so perfect for a day at the office,a casual day with friends, or a nice lunch outfit.  Professional yet so very stylish. She has layered three diamond pendants going smallest to largest.  Continuing the layering, she has stacked many stunning beaded bracelets. Simplicity at its finest.  She tops it off with one over-the-top ring that is just so gorgeous and truly a must have.

Not Just the Ring…. Part 2

Wedding day gift ideas

After the groom-to-be proposes to the bride-to-be the common thought is that after purchasing the wedding band, no other need to stop at the jewelers. Brides do not always expect a wedding day gift but making her dream wedding, a dream come true here are some awesome gift ideas for the future wife to remember her perfect fairy tale.


Diamond studs, are a great idea for the bride on her wedding day. Whether she wears them with her dress or not, they are something that can be cherished forever. The store I work at (Steffan’s Jewelers) has an amazing diamond stud upgrade program that allows you to get your full money back towards the next size up (with no minimum upgrade amount)! This sets up the perfect anniversary, Christmas, or birthday gift!


A super small, super sparkly pendant, that she can layer with what she has chosen to already wear on her special day. This one in particular is a Hearts on Fire piece that is so stunning. From far away you can not tell it is a star, but up close the star shape around the diamond really gives it a unique and special look for the future wife. (Many other similar styles are available).


Something a little more romantic, this fulfillment heart hands down is one of my favorites for the bride on her special day. It has so much sparkle for such a wonderful price. Again, this is something she would be able to hold and cherish for years to come.  Even being able to pass it down to possible future generations to wear on their wedding day. This pendant comes in round (which is what I wear and LOVE), moon, and star shape.

Not just the ring… Part 1

Bridal Party Gifts

Remember that the engagement ring is just the preview of the main event: the wedding! While the ring is one of the most IMPORTANT pieces to the pie… the are many more steps that you and your chosen jeweler will take together. Bridal party gifts and wedding day jewelry is all picked out of the day of the wedding! Engravable items are great choices for these special people on your special day. day-of-wedding1

April Birthstone


Eye-catching Beauty

-april birth stone-

What is it about diamonds that girls love? It could be that these colorless beauties are completely eye catching from all the light, sparkle, and color that these stones radiate. it could also be that each stone is completely different from one ANOTHER and are truly one of a kind! A GIFT OF A DIAMOND IS SYMBOLIC OF EVERLASTING LOVE AND IS THE OFFICIAL STONE FOR THE 60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY (and is an acceptable gift for any special occasion)! IT SYMBOLIZES WISDOM, ENLIGHTENMENT, PURITY AND CLARITY. IT PROVIDES PROTECTION, PRESERVES PEACE AND GIVES THE WEARER POWER. THE DIAMOND ENCOURAGES SELF-CONFIDENCE AND A DESIRE FOR INDEPENDENCE WHILE COUNTERACTING JEALOUSY.

The name diamond is of Latin origin meaning “invincible.” Diamond’s are composed of very DENSELY packed carbon atoms. Diamonds and graphite are both Created from carbon, but under certain pressure and circumstances the atomic structure is organized differently. Even though they come from the same element The atomic structure itself makes a diamond the hardest substance on earth, and graphite a very soft substance! Diamonds are either colorless or can be red, yellow, brown, black, green, blue, pink or violet. Yellow is the most common fancy color and pink is the most rare. A diamond gets its blue color from the presence of boron, while yellow diamonds get their color from the presence of nitrogen.

When a diamond is not “gem quality” it is used in manufacturing and industry. The value of a diamond largely depends upon how skillfully and well it is cut. Diamond’s value is measured based on cut, color, clarity and carat weight, which is known as the “THE Four C’s”.


Areial Triple Diamond Necklace

aeriel pendant

New Arrival!

this super sparkly pendant has caught everyone’s eye!

What the Duo thinks:

Jess– This particular design was a created by Ilaria, who is the head designer on the Hearts On Fire team.  She originally got inspired by the natural elements meaning water, sun,  and leaves.  For me personally it makes me think of summertime,  The look of the two rounds together creating a fancy pear shape really symbolizes a hot July day, when the sun just begins to set.

Vic– This Hearts On Fire piece reminds me of the typical 80’s style.  The spikes, leather jackets, and big hair come to mind when i see this pendant (In a good way)!  I love the style and obviously the 80’s are coming back and they are bringing the yellow gold with it!

About the pendant:

The six round brilliant cut diamonds are set in 18 karat white gold with a combined total weight of approximately 0.45 carats.