Guardian Of Love Charm Bangle

Attraction • Miracle • Passion

Creating miracles of love, this Guardian strengthens your connections with others and aligns you with the power of love. Welcome the mysterious gifts of love into your life, and feel the divine tenderness of its embrace. When you wear this charm, invoke the Guardian of Love: surround me.

Crafted in our Rafaelian Gold and Rafaelian Silver Finishes, each charm is engraved with a powerful meaning and hangs from our signature Expandable Wire Bangle. Expandable from 2” to 3.5” in diameter.


Outfit of the day

Staring Ilaria Lanzoni


Here is Ilaria, the Hearts On Fire head designer.  This look is so perfect for a day at the office,a casual day with friends, or a nice lunch outfit.  Professional yet so very stylish. She has layered three diamond pendants going smallest to largest.  Continuing the layering, she has stacked many stunning beaded bracelets. Simplicity at its finest.  She tops it off with one over-the-top ring that is just so gorgeous and truly a must have.



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Geometric patterns are a staple in fashion and are in heavy rotation with many designers. We carry all the popular shapes in all metal or diamond accented pieces. A variety of necklines in current fashion allow for great pairings with geometric silhouettes. Because these are petite pieces, a woman doesn’t have to break her budget to keep up with this great trend. I, for instance, love stacking different shapes rings in multiple metal colors to give a bigger look

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The geometric pattern has also given way to the linear trend, which is my personal favorite. This is an ever-growing trend that started with the basic, bolder patterns and has morphed into fine lines, curving details, and cross over looks.  These pieces are so simple, yet when paired together they make such a statement.