Yellow Gold is Making a Comeback

2cb9d6d1-4d65-496d-b958-a44500dbb9a0af869b85-9b04-4268-a32a-a4bf00fe8f43bbdd1fe4-d35e-4127-aec8-a4c100b158d43e4941d0-d77e-4f3e-9ffd-a4270098df75-1Yellow gold started making a re-appearance in high fashion the last five years, but it’s starting to make its way into the mainstream and is really giving white gold a run for its money. We’re not seeing a return of the 1990s big, loud “bling-y” way; this style is more of a classic and romantic look from the 1930s Art Deco style – lots of linear lines and shapes that give a bigger look without taking a bite out of your wallet.

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Why its important to get your diamonds cleaned

jewelry is of course stunning when its cleaned, but why else should you make it a priority?


Checking and cleaning your diamonds with your jeweler is the most important upkeep. Loosing stones in any kind of setting is very possible and SURPRISINGLY common. making sure all of your prongs and diamonds are in immaculate condition should be done every 6 months (should always be free and while you wait)!